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KONE EcoSpace™

A reliable lift solution
Cost effective and reliable
The KONE EcoSpace® is a highly cost-effective lift solution designed specifically for low-rise buildings.
Easy to maintain and incorporating durable components, materials, and accessories, the KONE EcoSpace is the ideal choice for buildings where excellent reliability is a priority.
There are eight attractive car designs to choose from, with a standard range of material options available for the floor, ceiling and walls.
Equipped with a compact gearless KONE EcoDisc® motor, the EcoSpace lift doesn’t need a machine room which saves space and reduces costs.

The highly efficient KONE EcoDisc® motor is 50-70% more energy-efficient than conventional traction 2-speed or hydraulic hoisting technology and requires no oil or hole drilling. This proven technology is offered as standard with the KONE
In addition to the industry-leading efficiency delivered by the KONE EcoDisc, the KONE EcoSpace can be further enhanced with a range of other innovative solutions designed to cut energy consumption throughout the lifespan of your equipment.
Eco-efficient regenerative drive
Our regenerative drive recycles energy for immediate reuse within the building and cuts consumption by up to 20 %.
Long-lasting LED lighting
As well as being 80 % more efficient than halogen lighting, LED lighting also lasts 10 times longer.
Innovative standby solutions
Standby solutions power down the equipment - such as lights door operator, fans and signalisation - when it is not in use, providing substantial energy savings.
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