Ascensori Falconi SA


Attuned to the customer’s needs, Ascensori Falconi also offers its services and professionalism when choosing materials and design solutions to meet quality standards. All Falconi lifting systems are synonymous with safe transport.
In 2003 Ascensori Falconi received SQS ISO 9001 certification (Ordinance on safety for elevators RS 930.112) and was the first company in the Ticino area to receive certification according to the new Elevator Ordinance issued by the Swiss Federal Council.

Ascensori Falconi has 3 Authorizations for special installations issued by the Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations ESTI

Training Plan - Automation Technician

Ascensori Falconi has decided to adopt the code of ethics of the Association of Swiss Lift Companies. The code aims to ensure that its members maintain high professional standards for the benefit of their clients as well as property owners, elevator users and others stakeholders.
Via Milano 1
CH-6830 Chiasso
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Fax 0041 91 695 72 70

Exclusive Distributor
for Canton Ticino and Italian Grigioni