Ascensori Falconi SA


With commitment and passion, in 2000 Enrico Falconi brought together a team of highly prepared, motivated professionals able to design, assemble and install a wide range of elevators, freight elevators and escalators, creating a company that quickly earned the trust of an ever-growing group of customers. A valid work organization is the foundation for any success. Installation of new elevators or modernization of obsolete systems requires a technical design able to provide precise, clear-cut references for everything from the choice of materials to installation inside the shaft. It is through ongoing inter-department communications that the design is transformed into a modern system, sharing a common goal and using each individual competency to the max. With a special care for our customers’ needs, we can supply any solution, from personalized elevators, inclined lifts, panoramic, goods-lifts, dumb-waiters, vehicle elevators, internal and external frames, escalators, lift platforms.
Via Milano 1
CH-6830 Chiasso
Tel 0041 91 695 72 72
Fax 0041 91 695 72 70

Exclusive Distributor
for Canton Ticino and Italian Grigioni