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KONE MaxiSpace®

More space in the car.
More space in the building.

KONE MaxiSpace™ is built especially for existing buildings, either to replace an existing elevator or to install an elevator where there wasn’t one before. It is based on KONE’s innovative technology that eliminates the counterweight. This is made possible by our new roping arrangement, combined with the very compact KONE PowerDisc™ motor.
Since there is no counterweight, the KONE MaxiSpace™ can increase the usable car space in the elevator by up to 50%. Or, with the same sized car, the KONE MaxiSpace™ requires a shaft one-third smaller than for a conventional solution. This is a very useful feature when installing an elevator in a building previously without one.
The KONE MaxiSpace™ solution requires only a shallow pit, little headroom and no machine room, so fewer structural modifications are required in the building. This lowers construction costs and shortens the time needed for installation. Since there is no machine room, the KONE MaxiSpace™ can serve the top floor of the building, without a machine room on the roof.

Matches the style and architecture
KONE provides a wide range of choices of designs and materials for the shaft and car interior, to match the style and architecture of almost any building. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for from our KONE Design collection interiors, you can mix and match the interior elements to create a unique elevator décor. For a fully customised cabin, you can freely choose wall and floor materials for the car interior, taking into consideration weight limitations, in order to perfectly match the materials of the lobby and landings.
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