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KONE TranSys™

Moving freight and heavy loads just got easier
To move freight and heavy loads, you need a lift that is designed specifically for that purpose:
- Fast and durable hoisting to cope with rough treatment
- A smooth ride to handle fragile loads
- Levelling accuracy for easy loading and unloading
- Full-width doors that maximise the usage of space in the car
- A selection of signalisation and interior designs
The powerful and high-performance KONE TranSys™ freight and service lift solution is ideal for a multitude of demanding vertical transportation tasks in a variety of buildings: supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, industrial plants and offices.
This lift is fully customisable and combines speed, power and premium quality designs. for an easy match to the building’s interior.

More hoisting power, lower energy consumption
The power to lift up to 5000kg
the KONE TranSys™ freight lift solution is based on the machine room-less KONE Monospace® platform. It incorporates the highly reliable and eco-efficient KONE ecoDisc® hoisting machine for exceptional power and performance.
This machine delivers more hoisting power with less energy:
- It consumes 70% less energy than a hydraulic drive
- Over the lifetime of the equipment, the energy savings can amount to more than the original cost of the lift
- No oil is required, reducing fire risk and environmental impact.

Outstanding power and performance
Exceptionally space-efficient
the KONE TranSys™ freight lift needs no machine-room at all. This means:
- Easier positioning of the lift in the building
- Reduced building construction time and costs
- More efficient, safer lift installation processes
- Up to 30m3 extra building space that can be used
more profitably.
Reliable, high performance
the Kone TranSys freight and service lift solution provides reliable operation, outstanding traffic performance and a smooth ride at up to 1.6 metres per second. The ride quality is the result of the motor’s low rotational speeds. The low friction, gearless construction of the Kone ecoDisc® hoist reduces wear, so it increases the reliability and durability of the machine.
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