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KONE TravelMaster™ 110

Your trusted escalator partner
With over 100 years of experience and a strong track record in safety, KONE is your trusted partner, dedicated to ensuring smooth and safe People Flow™ in today’s commercial environments. KONE escalators and autowalks use our proven, reliable technology designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of commercial buildings worldwide.
The KONE TravelMaster™ 110 escalator is designed for commercial environments, where safety, design and eco-efficiency are key requirements.

1 Best in class eco-efficiency that cuts the carbon footprint of your building and reduces operational costs
- The new KONE Direct Drive is up to 20% more energy efficient than conventional drive solutions
- Smart operational modes and an all new inverter optimise energy consumption under different load conditions
- Long lasting LED lighting is 80% more efficient than halogen lighting and lasts 10 times longer

2 Peace of mind with the latest safety technology
- New traffic signalisation solutions
- Audible alarms provide clear guidance on escalator travel direction

3 High quality visual design for the best possible user experience
- Innovative and attractive lighting solutions that also improve passenger guidance and safety
- A wide range of design options to create stunning visual effects and perfectly match your building’s architecture
- High quality component finishes and a harmonised look and feel throughout the KONE product portfolio

The KONE TravelMaster 110
- Vertical rise: Up to 13 metres
- Horizontal steps: 2 or 3
- Inclination: 30o, 35o
- Step width: 600 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm
- Radius: 1.0/1.0, 1.5/1.0
- Balustrade height: 900 mm, 1000 mm, 1100 mm
- Speed: 0.5 m/s, 0.4 m/s with inverter
- Step chain: Inside roller chains
- Operational environment: Indoor, semi-outdoor,full outdoor
- Duty cycle: 14 hours/day
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Exclusive Distributor
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