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The dumbwaiters offered by Ascensori Falconi are high quality products, designed to be adaptable to multiple situations of need. The dumbwaiters, equipped with a self-supporting structure, thanks to an accurate study of the spaces and the customer’s needs, provide a technologically advanced system that is practical to use.


Dumbwaiter: product overview

Dumbwaiters are ideal products for restaurants, holiday farms and bars. These systems facilitate the transport of dishes and small goods in general, guaranteeing safe and fast movement. Falconi dumbwaiters are very versatile, in fact, they can be customised both structurally and aesthetically, thanks to the wide range of internal finishes.

Our company offers a modernisation service, repair services, maintenance services and solutions for completely new installations. In particular, we take care of all vertical lift installations such as standard or customised lifts, inclined lifts, special installations, freight elevators, stair lifts, vehicle lift, dumbwaiters, lifting platforms, escalators and moving walkways.

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